Five Nights At Freddy: Can you Survive Five Nights?

(Trailer Review)
Five Nights At Freddy: Can you Survive Five Nights?

This year on May 16th, 2023, the Five Nights At Freedy’s trailer dropped. It was announced to be in theaters on October 27th, 2023.

As a horror movie fan, I was excited to see what the trailer would uphold. I clicked on the trailer link and got to watching. 

It starts with a guy named Michael, known as Mike. He’s looking for another job around where he lives. He needs to so he can take care of his little sister, Abby. He offered a job to work as a night security guard for an old building called Freddy Fazbear, which used to be a hit in the 80s. He takes this offer and takes his little sister to the building with him. 

He meets with the boss and the scene starts to pan off into different shots of the movie, while suspenseful music is playing. 

The scene cuts off back into the office and Mike wakes up terrified because all the monitors start to glitch and go crazy. You see him run out of the office to turn off the power to then turn it back on. 

We go onto the next scene where he’s talking to a cop outside what seems to look like the back door, and she starts to talk to Mike. The cop starts talking to him wondering if he has met “them”

“Them” were animatronics. The cop then explained to Mike why this building had shut down. 

Going back to the 80’s when Freddy Fazbear was popular. While it had been open around 5 kids had gone missing in the building and the cops searched for the kids but they were never found. Only to find out those kids that were missing were the animatronics

As the cop explains this, we see Abby walking towards the animatronics. We hear the cop say that the animatronics are waiting for her. We hear Mike asking what they are going to do to his little sister.  She had said to Mike that the animatronics wanted to turn Abby into one of them. At the very end of the trailer, Mike looks like he’s trying to look for Abby and he is questioning how to stop them from hurting Abby.

But it’s too late…

Catch Five Nights at Freddy’s at your local theater before it’s too late!

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