Photo from LORS Photography
Photo from LORS Photography

Overtime for The First Time in Powder Puff History

Victory for the Seniors in the Annual Flag Football Game

As Powder Puff 2023 came to an end, it sparked a moment in Hawks history on Wednesday, November 15 when the classes of 2024 and 2025 went into overtime for the first time in Powder Puff history.

The nail-biter of a game was tied 12-12 in the fourth quarter which led to overtime. The Seniors led off strong with a successful 2-point conversion. Unfortunately, when the Juniors were presented with the same opportunity they did not score. Both of the teams put up a good fight and never lost spirit, thanks to the “cheerleaders” rooting from the sidelines.

The Juniors, Class of 2025, were coached by Coach Maloney, Coach Lunn, Mr. Pecora, and Junior Aidan Lunn. The Juniors started off strong in the first 3 quarters with a score of 12-6. Two fired-up Juniors, Jade Andrews and Joliece Reyes, scored their class’s 2 touchdowns. Andrews was asked how her overall experience in the game was, to which she replied, “The experience was awesome. I can’t wait for next year! The players and coaches truly made this an experience worth the wait.”

With regards to her biggest competitor, she replied, “I would say my biggest competitor was Devyn Quigley. I knew going into the game she was going to be tough to get around and she definitely was! She’s a great athlete and I’m so sad to see her go, but she definitely made the game interesting!”

The game was tough and the Juniors worked hard till the very end.

“The toughest part of the game was during overtime when the coach and players were stressed and didn’t know what to do,” junior Jolice Reyes said. “What I would have done differently is suggest more plays where the wide receivers would get open and throw the ball.”

The well-fought game ended in a tough loss for the Juniors, but they are determined to come back even stronger next year to face the Class of 2026. 

The victorious Seniors were coached by Coach Eno, Ms. O’Connor, and Mr. Schnittman along with Seniors Joe Horowitz and Manny Swain. Sam Villanueva, who scored the first touchdown, said, “Going into the game I was definitely way more excited than I was last year, especially going against some new faces and playing with a lot of girls, and I know a lot of the Seniors were more focused on playing a better and cleaner game. Last year’s game was more nerve-racking, especially being the underclassmen in the game. This year it was more fun playing against my sister and all her friends.”

“This year I would say was personal because we were cheated out of our win last year but, everyone was so locked in it was hilarious,” said Senior Devyn Quigley about this year’s game compared to last year’s.

While all the Hawks like a little competition and continue to keep traditions alive, they always know how to be good sportsmen and move on from any problems faced in the game. The Powder Puff is a fun opportunity for friends to go against each other in flag football, and give the Seniors and Juniors a core memory for their final years at the Hawks Nest. 

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