Deadpool & Wolverine: Come Together

(Trailer) Coming Out In Theaters July 26, 2024

The man behind the all over black and red suit, Wade Wilson is the one and only Deadpool. The trailer starts with Wade wearing a wig and with a big group of friends celebrating his birthday. They sing to him and ask him to do a speech before blowing out the candles. He then gives a meaningful speech stating, “It’s been a challenging few years, for some. But I’m happy. And that is because of each and every one of you. I’m the luckiest man alive.” 

  As he finishes the  speech, he blows out the candles. Suddenly a knock is heard. He goes and opens the door and is faced with TVA agents that were asking for him. They then proceed to take out weapons. 

  Depending if you ever watched any of the movies or not, Wade Wilson/Deadpool isn’t a very serious guy and takes everything as a joke. Thus,   he responded to the agents with a witty reply.After his response, his front door suddenly turned into a portal and pulled him in. When pulled in, the agents grabbed his wig and dropped it on the floor before going through.

  As the trailer goes into the next scene, Deadpool is now waking up in an office room. A man named Mr. Paradox welcomes him. In a state opf confusion, he asks who are you and what am I doing here. Mr. Paradox then states “Walk with me, ” as he leads them into a different room. Deadpool is seenstaring at his suit in a locker. 

  Then, he is walking outside with his suit on in a wooded area with snow falling down. Mr. Paradox then states, , “You are special. This is your chance to be a hero among heroes.” In previous movies he’s never seen  himself as a hero making this statement questionable. The trailer then cuts back into the scene of both Mr.Paradox and Deadpool walking into a roomthat appears to have 3 TV’S playing on the screen there is all different marvel movie fighting sequences playing. Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever” Mr. Paradox says while staring at the TV’s. . 

  Deadpool the begins walking into what appears to be the TVA center. Sitting down appears to be  Wolverine in a white suit. As we cut into the next scene, Deadpool is rushing to put his suit on and grabbing his weapons. Once he’s all geared up he starts to show off his fighting moves. The setting starts to change and  he is now in a dessert fighting in   slow motion, while big letters appear on the screen stating:

                                              EVERYONE DESERVES A HAPPY ENDING

  We then see Pyro (supervillain from marvel comics saying, “God I love this part.” leading to the last few minutes of the trailer) Deadpool screams “WAIT” putting his hand up. Then, cameras turn and a group of TVA agents start coming towards him and get  thrown to the ground. 

  The trailer ends with  Deadpool on the ground and a shadow appearing right in front of him. Once he realized who it was he had states, “Don’t just stand there you ape, give me a hand” Claws appear on the shadows pushing up from their hands, a man in a yellow suit going right in the stomach to give Deadpool “a hand.

    If you liked this trailer analysis, go watch he return of Deadpool and Wolverine on July 26, 2024! 

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