Goodbye Paper SAT and Hello Digital

Everything you need to know about the new digital approach for College Board’s SAT
Image created via Canva
Image created via Canva

Out with the old in with the new (SAT)!



With the advances and shift to technology in a strive towards modernization, many “old-fashion” practices are changing. 


That goes for the College Board test so many teenagers and students partake in, the infamous SAT.


Up until March 2024, the SAT consisted of pen and book, where a No. 2 pencil was your best friend, filling in bubbles throughout the test. 


After gaining much attention during the pandemic, the digital SAT is now here to stay. 


With fully digital testing, many elements of the original practice remain.


According to College Board, “The digital SAT will continue to measure the skills and knowledge that research shows are crucial to college readiness and success and at the same level of rigor as the current SAT.”


In doing so, the test still consists of two subjects (Written and Math) each with two sections while following the same grading scale.  


The test also continues to provide the same accommodations for those needed.  


However, several changes have been made with the test’s enhancements.


Once taking three hours to complete, the digital SAT only takes 2 hours and 14 minutes. Afterwards, the grading process is much shorter as students receive their score several weeks after. 


With the utilization of technology, the test offers new tools such as: built in timer, marker for review, highlighter and an online calculator. 


With three fully digital SAT’s completed (March, May, and June) College Board will continue to carry the change into future SAT’s as the test suits the technological minds and habits the modern student.

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