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  • Apr 10 / BaseballManchester Township High School - 1, Point Pleasant Boro - 7
  • Apr 10 / SoftballManchester Township High School - 2, Barnaget - 5
  • Apr 9 / Boys Track and FieldManchester Township High School - Brian Swain, B South Individual Champion in Pole Vault -
  • Apr 9 / Boys Track and FieldManchester Township High School - Joe Kurak, B South 400h/110hh/200 Individual Champion -
  • Apr 9 / Boys Track and FieldManchester Township High School - Vander McFarland, B South Individual Champion in Javelin/Triple Jump/Long Jump -
  • Apr 9 / Boys Track and FieldManchester Township High School - Evan Beam, B South Individual Champion in High Jump -
  • Apr 9 / Boys Track and FieldManchester Township High School - Team, B South Champions for the 4th Year in a Row -
  • Apr 9 / LacrosseManchester Township High School - 2, Marlboro - 7
  • Apr 9 / Boys TennisManchester Township High School - 0, Pinelands - 5
  • Apr 9 / Boys VolleyballManchester Township High School - 2, Lakewood - 1

The Talon

The Talon

Spring and Summer Fashion Predictions

Here is everything you should expect for the fashion trends of Spring and Summer 2024!
Spring and Summer Fashion Predictions

With the new spring fashion shows, we see a new revival of an era. Previously, the early 2010s were trending. Now we are slowly transitioning to what the public calls “stealth wealth”, which is another name for the trend of the 1990s’s minimalistic look. 

We can use the runway models and the works they modeled during Fashion Week as a way to help predict what fashion or clothing styles will be next. You could look at New York or Paris, but many companies and fashion-based blogs look at both to get the best results for their predictions. Every company has a different outlook and different styles, which is where the diversity of our clothes comes from. 

One thing that anyone can agree on that is on a comeback, is bows. There are bows on almost everything these days. They can be found on hair, tights, dresses, shoes, and skirts. These cutie items can serve two purposes. Firstly, it adds to your outfit. This could either tie in another element into the outfit, or it could serve a purely decorative purpose.

The prep school look has made a full comeback as well. It was previously trending, but now it has gone mainstream. Things you might see with this are blazers, button-downs, sweater vests, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Everything you would see out of the ionic movie and the show, Clueless and Gossip Girl.

Another big thing that is going to be trending is the basics. The Y2K focused on bright and everything decked out. Now, things like simple t-shirts, plain sweaters, non-ripped jeans, and things in the colors gray, black, beige, and white are popular, but any basic clothing can work. 

Another thing that was observed to come back was the sequin clothing. This is when everything is bejeweled by the sparkly disks. This can range from many colors and can help any outfit you plan to style or wear. These could include shoes, accessories, skirts, shirts, pants, and dresses. 


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About the Contributor
Lanna Eidell, Trends Columnist/Junior Content Editor
Trends Columnist/Junior Content Editor Lanna Eidell has been in the Communications and Journalism Program for three year and is a member of the Class of 2025. She enjoys playing field hockey and softball at school and reading, video games and photography in her free time. She often takes photographs of the sunset, animals, the ocean, the beach, and the lake in Lakehurst. Lanna has a keen eye for what's trending and proudly shares her expertise with the community.