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The Talon

The Talon

Top 5 Roblox Games You Should Play

Top 5 Roblox Games You Should Play

Roblox is a game that almost everyone knows and plays. Roblox debuted on September 1, 2006. This game platform hosts many games, created by the staff of Roblox, or by other creators. You can make a game if you would like to as well. These games can vary from horror games, to hang-out games. Roblox has many games that could suit your preferences.

Altitorture- obby game 

This game is a two-player obby game, where you rely on teamwork to progress through this game of jumping from cliff to cliff. You are tied to your partner, who can pull or catapult you, and vice versa. The goal is to progress as high as you can until you make it to the top. If you fall, your partner falls with you. If your partner falls, you fall as well. This game is entertaining to play with your friends, especially if you have the microphone option enabled, which works with proximity. If your partner is falling, their voice slowly drowns out. The same if they are snapped upward.

Flee the Facility- survival game

This game you can play solo, or with a group of friends. The goal is to hack computers that will unlock the door to allow you to escape. While you or another person focuses on the route to escape, there is a person who acts as the monster. The monster does not want the people to escape and works to paralyze and capture them. Every time someone fails to hack a computer, the monster is notified and can hunt down the players. For players, the monster emits a glow and song, that gets louder and brighter as they get closer. Players can escape from the monster with the help of another player. This game is very fun to play, with, and without a group of friends.

Royal High- roleplay game 

This game revolves around the daily life of student royalty at a boarding school. You have daily classes, dances, and free time. You earn levels and diamonds, which allows you to buy accessories and clothing like skirts, high-heels, suit jackets, etc. There is also a trading hub, apartments (you can decorate it to your liking), a city for you to explore, and daily sign-ins where you can get prizes. You can make friends or hang out with friends. If you like the idea of princesses and princes, then this game is for you.

Airport Tycoon- tycoon game 

This game focuses on completing your dream airport. As you complete the tasks in this game, you can save up to buy airplanes and the rest of the things you see at an airport. After you complete the airport itself, you can also save up to buy things you can fly to. It is a very fun game to play in your free time, as well as by yourself.

Fashion Famous- fashion game

This game is one of the most popular games on the platform. In this game, you create outfits in 200 seconds, which is roughly three minutes. You play on a server with other people, who rate you on a system of five stars. You collect these stars, which help you rise to the ranks in this game. The rank ordering of this game is amateur model, fashionista, pro model, fashion icon, top model, celebrity, supermodel, and lastly fashion famous. Your goal is to reach the very last rank and become fashion famous. This game is very competitive and you must be able to make decisions fast to thrive on this game. It is very fun to play solo or with a group of friends, and is extremely fun if you enjoy fashion.

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