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The Talon

The Talon

Legends Never Die

Julius C. Bee’s legacy will always be remembered at the Hawk Nest
Legends Never Die

Imagine what it was like when you were waiting at your bus stop on your first day of the school year. Most sit there worrying about what the new year will bring. But if you were fortunate enough when that school bus pulled up, and the doors opened, you would be greeted with the smiling face of Mr. Bee. 

Unfortunately, our beloved Mr. Bee passed away at age 89, on January 9, 2024. Everyone who had him could tell you how charming and warm he was. Whether it be in the morning being picked up, or whether he was taking you home after a game. He was there for every good morning or, for every bad. For every win or every loss, he was always there for his students.

Mr. Bee worked here for almost fifty years since Manchester Twp High School was founded in 1976. He started as a bus driver until he “retired”. After he retired, he came back and acted as a mail carrier for the school district. A little bit after that, he started bus driving again. 

Before working here, Mr. Bee served in the United States Air Force. In the year 2017, Mr. Bee’s picture was added to the Manchester Hawks Hall of Honor, a spot dedicated to the graduates of the high school or to staff who have served. This memorial is next to the front entrance of the auditorium. Mr. Bee’s picture is on the right of the auditorium doors and is in the top row. 

Mr Bee’s visitation will be held on January 18, 2024, from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at Anderson and Campbell Funeral Home, 115 Lacey Road, Whiting NJ. His funeral will be held on January 19th, 2024 from 11:00 pm til noon at Whiting Bible Church, Lacey Road, Whiting, NJ. He will also have military committal service on the same day of his funeral services from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm at Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery, 350 Provinceline Rd, Wrightstown, NJ.

See the below examples of tributes that show how much of an impact Mr. Bee had on the Manchester community. To see more information about his services, or would like to add a memory click here for his obituary.

Memories of Mr.Bee
Ms. Annette Simone

Mr. Bee drove the girls volleyball team home from a Jackson Memorial game. It was a good thing he was driving the bus because it could have turned out to be a much worse accident with athletes being hurt. There was a deer that ran in front of the bus and he slowed up because he knew there may be another deer behind him. He didn't have time to stop and the other deer ran in front of the bus and was hit and flew over the road into a front yard. Mr. Bee kept the bus on the road in his lane and prevented it from hitting oncoming cars and out of the woods! He was so concerned about the athletes and myself on the bus despite what he just encountered. Everyone was fine due to Mr. Bee's experience of driving the bus! We are alive and well today due to Mr. Bee's driving experience on the bus!

Robert "Bobby" Whitt

My sisters and I, and our whole elementary school, loved having Mr Bee as our bus driver. Seeing him at church on Sunday was an added bonus. The same positive feelings came from running into him well into my adult life. I wish there were more people like him in the world. Condolences to his wife and family.

Leona Armijo

It starts w the 1st day of 1st grade. I missed my stop & was scared. We get to the last stop, he calmly asks where I should be & I just burst into tears, choking out that I was supposed to get off where M. L. did & he knew the family ergo the stop. But he didn't take me to the stop, he had me take him to my house bc he knew my mom would be worried. He was right of course & she was grateful.

I would see Mr. B every summer as he drove my route for the day camp at Whiting Lake. He never forgot my name. Senior year, I didn't have a car & wasn't allowed to get a ride to school. As thrilled as I was that Mr. B was once again my driver, I had enough issues being picked on, I didn't want to add is the only senior on the bus so I snuck a ride to school. Halfway through the year, he finds me in gym class. He was very upset saying that my mom had tricked him, making it sound like I was missing so he told her that I hadn't been taking the bus. He apologized so many times, telling me I should have told him & he'd have covered for me! As it was he warned me to not lie when I got home. I didn't lie but was still in a world of trouble when I got home. He always felt bad that my mom took to walking me to the bus in the morning even though it wasn't his fault at all. But that was his character, he went out of his way for me the 1st day of 1st grade & continued to do so till my last day of senior year. He is truly one of the purest souls I ever had the honor of meeting. He will be missed.

Chris Kruysman

Mrs. Bee and family, we are so sorry for your loss. "Mitter" Bee touched so many of our lives in the best of ways. I saw you both at stop and shop in whiting around ten years ago. Both of you don't seem to change, but somehow he was able to see the kid in the grown man that stood in front of you both. He shook my hand and asked how I had been doing, how my parents were, and how my brother and even my aunt were doing- all by name! What a remarkable man. He used to wear those hats that had the fold-down ear muffs in the winter. He wore so many hats. Driver, coach, teacher, counselor, referee and friend. Generous, patient, kind, tolerant, wise and forgiving. He gave me books his mother gave him as a child. I lived so far out on Pasadena Rd that I was first pickup and last drop off for years. It's dark and rainy down here in Florida as I write this and reminds me of the days and nights in Jersey when he would pick me up and drop me off in the dark. I am probably the same age now that he was then and I'm pretty sure I would have no interest in chatting with a little kid at those hours! Very kind of him. Looking back I was very lucky to have him to myself for the extra 20 minutes a day that no one else got. While school was usually the destination. I learned a lot on the journey thanks to Mr. Bee. Rest in peace, old friend. Thanks for everything!


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